Capital Veg.

A High Carb Raw Vegan Residing in the Nation's Capital.

Really enjoying the fact there is sunshine when I wake up now

Anonymous asked:
Hey, V! I could really use some advice! My boyfriend has "creaky knees" aka runners knee & one of his yoga teachers told him to do "ghee shots" every few days. He's decided to stop his vegan diet to give it try. I know it's his body & maybe this is selfish of me but I'm incredibly grossed out that he would do that instead of searching for an alternative. Veganism is beyond for the body for me & honestly, I don't want to be with someone who exploits animals in any way. Any advice? xoxo

Oh yikes… It sounds like his teacher is following Ayurveda practices. In that case it is advised to add coconut oil into your diet rather than ghee if you are vegan for the same results. Its not selfish of you to be disappointed, I could never imagine going back on veganism. I would talk to him and make sure he understands there are many other options, if we feel trapped or have pain it is sometimes hard to think rationally. Research the options and I think you will easily show him you do not have to consume animal products. Hope he changes his mind. 

p.s tumblr theme change? everything work?

Wanted to share a piece of Gatineau park with you today. Had a wonderful day hiking and munching for about 13km.

Happy Easter weekend to those celebrating!

Breakfast. Cherimoya, spinach, banana, lucuma, vanilla smoothie :)

Anonymous asked:
what do you think is the easiest cooked food to reintroduce in a mainly raw diet?

100% steamed vegetables. I think if you are looking to add cooked food into your diet it should only be cooked vegetables ideally. You can water sautee some zucchini noodles with a lot of steamed veggies!

Anonymous asked:
Hi I've been watching a lot of your Youtube videos and am thinking of converting to 80/10/10. Thank you so much for your information and sharing your eating habits. I've noticed through a lot of videos addressing 80/10/10, that not a lot of people eat apples. Is there a reason for this or is it just a coincidence?

I have some serious love for apples. I am an apple connoisseur. I made a raw apple pie in one of my videos! do not worry, any fruit is fair game. I’m in love with pink lady apples, fuji apples, and opal apples.  

Anonymous asked:
Hey Vicky! Don't know if you've tried going rawtill4, but here's my questions: I've been a raw vegan for a month now, and I think my body needs more, so I'm shifting to rawtill4. Is it okay that I eat rice steamed veggies, etc, as much as I can,a s long as it's vegan? Thaaanks ❤️

Hello Hello. Its completely ok. I think incorporating more raw fruit and veg is great so eating a diet of Mostly raw is great. I do think maybe you didn’t give the diet a long enough chance but if you are feeling like you want something more, then go for it! Just make sure you are not replacing the veggies you would have been eating for just like rice or pasta and lacking in greens. steaming veg is a wonderful idea :) I personally don’t digest cooked food very well, my face gets flushed, I get stomach pains, and I wake up a bit more down than usual. It’s all about figuring out what works for you xo

Ch ch ch check out the colour on these babies.

Anonymous asked:
can you make a follow up video about the effects of cutting out dried fruit/dates from your diet? bc i think ive been eating a lot more dates recently and ive been constipated for a week and maybe thats why idk lol tmi thanks tho

absolutely! Will be my video that will be published friday :) stay tuned. xo

Current fruit stash for the person wondering how I store the majority of my produce :)

Three mangos, peppers, celery, tomato and carrot with sunflower sprouts and arugula sprouts. 

Anonymous asked:
My belly is big. Not feeling much bloated anymore, but it's just flabby and big with raw veganism. I eat atleast 2000-2500 calories a day with both fruits & veggies. I eat when I'm hungry too. Heeeellp!! What do I do to stop the bloating and have a flat belly? And no, I don't exercise much....

I think you know what i’m going to say, I have a video on the importance of exercise. I do think that you can lose weight if you need to with just a fruitarian diet but I also Know that will added fitness you will acheive a healthy lifestyle and you will see results sooner. Don’t look for a quick easy fix, you dont need to kill yourself at the gym with cardio but its good to get out and do something active that you find fun. Could be yoga, martial arts, dance, weights, running etc. Also make sure to drink atleast 3L of water a day and watch your food combining. It will take time so be patient :)