Capital Veg.

A High Carb Raw Vegan Residing in the Nation's Capital.

low fat raw vegan dinner- this is an example of a meal you can make for a celebration (i.e christmas etc.) when people are eating together or for a transitioning raw vegan, or to showcase your food! I eat fairly simple normally, a salad is my go-to, but i was feeling fancy/savory. 

  • raw grated beets (peel beet, put through food processor with shredding tool in)
  • cauliflower mashed (raw cauliflower in food processor with S blade with a splash of almond milk and sprinkle of nutritional yeast)
  • massaged kale salad (massage kale with lemon juice and 1/4 avocado) 
  • tomato ‘steaks’ with fresh basil from the garden