low fat Raw vegan mashed ‘potatoes’

if you follow me on instagram you would have seen this top picture before. I don’t like to repeat recipes for you guys incase you follow me on both but this was too good to keep from you.

With thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I wanted to share something you can make over the holidays and still stay fully raw. I chose to eat them in romaine leaves but they are excellent with some green onions on top scooped on the plate like traditional (but without the animal products,  saturated fat, and guilt)


  • Break up florets of cauliflower and put into food processor (this small amount here is almost half of a medium head so plan accordingly
  • add splash of almond milk
  • puree, it will be grainy at first but dont be tempted to add too much liquid
  • add 1-2 teaspoon(s) of tahini and any herbs/seasoning you would like (garlic, chives, green onion, anything you would add to mashed potatoes)
  • puree some more! I have a small food processor/kitchenaid chopper and this took about 5 minutes to get fluffy
  • scoop out and enjoy

I love the holiday season, I am looking forward to making these for Christmas dinner